We are your go-to team of experts for the broadcast sector, providing reliable low-latency connectivity and at short notice, helping help you achieve the impossible.

In broadcast, every second counts, and failure is not an option.

In your line of work, you need solutions that deliver more than just uptime, you need connectivity that’s transformational.

Connectivity you can count on is elementary when you can experience the benefits of resilience, security, application performance, rapid deployment, and ease of use, wherever the job takes you.

Our real-world experience, together with ongoing collective feedback from clients means that we can use our experience to deliver mission critical broadcast events for our customers with expertise.


We’re experts at delivering connectivity for broadcasts & live events

We help your event to get connected and ensure that it runs seamlessly.

We provide robust, high speed temporary Internet and event WiFi solutions to a wide variety of locations, and tailor our solutions to your requirements,  for events of all shapes and sizes.

From business conferences, exhibitions, corporate events, product launches, sporting events, fashion shows, government events, art fairs, pop-up shops, muddy fields, disused warehouses, docksides, moving vehicles, churches and even flying 1500ft in the air , we’ve yet to be beaten by a connectivity challenge.

Talk to us about your challenging location today.